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Invite your guests to meet award-winning artist Mike and select one of his paradise-inspired fine art prints. Mike’s appearance fee is waived if we are working with you on an amenity program.

For our "choose-your-own" event, attendees select their own images from Mike’s displayed samples. Depending upon the quantity of prints and length of stay, we can deliver the prints for a room-drop, or can ship the prints to individual guests or to the client within one week (ask for shipping quote). 

Set up is simple: Draped tables are required for the display (power is needed if the event is in the evening; Mike brings his own lights).

Fine Art Prints on Paper and Canvas
Our prints on paper range in size from 8x10" to 20x24” with prices from $30-$125 unframed. The size refers to the outer dimension of the mat. Every mat is signed by Mike. He is happy to add your customized wording to the print’s backing sheet.

Add an artisan-made solid Hawaiian frame for an additional $60-$270. Our fine art prints on canvas are also offered in a range of sizes and prices.